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Personal Trainer Or Scam

Rita Mwikali

When it comes to the question of personal trainers,most people really don’t grasp what the whole fuss is about.Most just think that oh! probably this is just some calculated scam to take advantage of my weight to make a living.Right?Right?..Wrong! Just as we are fashioned to shun anything we do not understand as Africans and as Kenyans in particular,the same way we’ve subconsciously not given a two pence to the thought of a personal trainer.

As if the idea of me going to the gym not being absurd enough,imagine a personal trainer..that’s a little bit too much most of us would think.Well,I offer myself as the designated Messiah whose going to save you today from your not too far gone thoughts about this issue.A personal trainer is someone designated to help you achieve your goals in a more designated and calculated way rather than the idea of just winging it.

Through them,one can get to their goals much quicker.Be also on the lookout for amateurs who think its just another easy meal and lead you down the path of destruction.It’ll be pricy but I promise It’ll be worth it.So next time,instead of just sweating it out in the gym,get someone to help you sweat out the right parts!





Male Perspective

Rosemary Wangui

Does it really matter if you confirm on a mirror that your skin looks fair? Answer, yes. And does it really mean that the skin does look fair? Answer, not exactly. Sometimes we see what we want to see, not what we is there to be seen. That’s a normal mistake we make. We are human after all.

But then it’s better to avoid a mistake that can be avoided, than to assume its going to be okay to make that mistake, because you’re human.

It’s normal to leave the house thinking you look like Snow White when all along that’s what you wanted to see. Other people will think you look like something else, completely different from what you imagine yourself looking like.

Hearing a story from a different view is like looking at number 6 upside down. That is why sometimes the male species is a better judge of looks than ladies. And allowing them the chance to judge how we look can be a big step in the make up industry and how we generally look.

So, Yes we need to hear out that guy who tells you to wipe off a little lipstick or eyeliner.. or tells you to try going natural. Maybe after all its not an insult, he is just politely telling you you look messed up.

Campus Dos And Don’ts

Barasa Walter

Joining campus is such a big achievement especially to a student who has just finished high school. To some it is not a good thing since one goes on missing their friends and families which makes them feel lonely while to others it marks a beginning of them having to live their own life without being controlled by their parents or as they were used to in high school.
Well campus is not all about going to enjoy life and do all those silly activities. All you need to do is to focus on what took you there and the main aim of it is to study. It is not a pub where you have to drink and abuse drugs. It’s not a street where one has the freedom to involve themselves in pre mature marriages and sexual practices. As a student then do what is required of you that will make you achieve your goals. Forget all the challenges you may face such as being looked down upon by fellow students or even running short of pocket money and other basic needs.
Attend lectures, go to church, avoid bad companies, say NO to premature marriages, study smartly and with all these you will have to enjoy the sweet fruits you worked for.

Nurturing talent

Clinton Mudaki

I interviewed David, an upcoming footballer playing for Wazito fc


Clinton; Am Clinton Mudaki and with me is David an upcoming football player. Welcome David….

David   ; Thank you so much

Clinton; what is your ambition now?

David   ; to be a professional football player and also to play for the national team

Clinton; do you remember your most memorable match to have ever played?

David   ; yeah, the Copa Coca-Cola u16 final in Kisumu against Ambira and I was the team captain

Clinton; what really motivates you in playing football?

David    ; have passion of playing football plus I come from a family that is renowned in football

Clinton; every young football player has a role model in the football world, so to you who is he?

David   ; to me it is Messi this guy is really great and when on pitch knows what to do in the

right way and how it is supposed to be done.

Clinton; what advice do you give to young players like you?

David    ; they should embrace their talents and always go for trials when there is that chance

Clinton; thank you hope the young player will embrace their talents as you have said.

writing spark

Caroline Mundu


Mentor ship is what everyone needs in their field  that they are growing in. It is very pleasing to walk into something you know where it is headed.

It helps one also know what to expect and even be prepared for them. well, the young writers club is offering this opportunity for everyone that is interested and those that are ready to learn how to communicate better with others around them.

This mentor ship talk is not only for aspiring writers but to everyone who are eligible for an employment to help in effectively expressing themselves in their curriculum vitae and in their interviews.

This is an opportunity that is up for grabs by everyone since these are the ones that we hear are ones in a blue moon.

Everyone needs to learn the art of expressing themselves effectively and  with the right cues.if this is what you want then this is the talk for you.

Come and get the much needed skills and i will not be surprised if everyone wows and admires your speech and writing




Admission! Admission! Admission!

Barasa Walter


Western college of computing and technology is a college found in western parts of Kenya on kakamega mumias road. The college was established in 2012 as the only college offering computer and information courses in western Kenya.
Western college of computing and technology offers certificate, diploma and degree courses in the following field:
Computer software engineering
Hospitality and management
Information technology
Commerce and
Tourism management
Admissions for January 2017 intake are ongoing and application forms are available on the school website and at the college admissions offices.
It is recognized for being the best college in offering the best and quality education in both fields. Fee payment is via cheque or bank. One can do the payments in monthly instalments.
Admission ends on 30th January 2017. Willing to acquire the best of all this? Then don’t be left behind. Visit the website and grap yourself an admission letter.
For more information call 073835464527 or visit our college website http://www.wescolkenya.co.ke.

Legal wars

Caroline Mundu

Bloggers have been in the past known as rogue reporters who goes at any length just to report a story whether the facts are correct or not.

Most of them have taken the advantage that they have no rules or guidelines according to the constitution that guides them.

Bloggers however need to realize that just because they have no stipulated rules does not mean they have to behave unethically.

They should instead be guided by the rules that guide journalists.

Natalia Rose, a news blogger supports this

Tell us something about yourself

my name is Natalia Rose and am a news blogger dealing with current news from all over the country

What do you have to say about bloggers who engage in unethical situations such as publishing private or incorrect information

bloggers need to respect everyone’s privacy and counter check the information they put out there because it is very important.

what advice would you give to bloggers out there

upcoming bloggers need to know that the blogging sphere is really competitive and they have to cut a niche for themselves by being relevant and publish correct information for them to be trusted.